Gift voucher

For a friend, family member or your partner. How nice is it to receive a massage as a gift?

A popular gift to give and receive all year round. Extra fun around the holidays, birthday or anniversary.

Whatsapp the desired amount to 0648409827 and to whom the gift voucher can be written. You will receive a payment link tikkie, a photo of the voucher with tracking number. So arranged and sufficient for a relaxing gift!!


Transfer the desired amount to account number NL25 RABO 0351 2428 13 in the name of Leiden spa massages (BIC/Swift-code RABONL2U, put RABONL2UXXX when 11 characters needed). Then the gift voucher will be sent to you immediately with PostNL. Write down your address and to whom the voucher is in the description of the payment and we will send the receipt to you by PostNL or come by.

For more information you can always email, call or WhatsApp us +31648409827

Also check Instagram #leidenspa for fun giveaways and information!!

cadeaubon voor massage