Spa lifestyle coaching

Do you suffer from a low energy level or do you want to recover quickly from an injury? Our special Spa lifestyle coaching process ensures that you will feel optimally healthy in the future. We offer a tailor-made program in which massage and lifestyle coaching are effectively combined. The Spa lifestyle coaching is characterized by influences from haptonomy and macrobiotics.

Getting fit mentally and healthily

Healthy living is not easy for everyone. Greatest efforts are not always immediately rewarded and new patterns are difficult to maintain. Also, changing the lifestyle does not always produce the desired effect. This is because people are often unaware of the blockages that stand in the way of the real problem. Or they simply do not know how to make healthier choices. The Spa lifestyle coaching is aimed at making effective, sustainable changes in your lifestyle to feel better about yourself. Our program is suitable for anyone who wants to recover from a burnout, hospitalization, serious injury or who wants to reach their target weight once and for all. From awareness to transformation; that is what we are going to work on together.

Vegan macrobiotic coaching

An important pillar within this process is macrobiotic doctrine. Macrobiotics is a way of life according to the laws of nature in which balanced food is the key to good health. Attention is paid to the "yin-yang ratio" of the foods. A macrobiotic diet contains a mix of many vegetables and, to a lesser extent, whole good rice and a variety of other grains and proteins; a package of vegetable proteins where fermentation plays an important role. Macrobiotic foods are generally vegan. A plant-based diet is less stressful for your body and metabolism. Your body will have more space to recover and to remove unnecessary weight and waste products. Macrobiotic nutrition is not only good for your health, but also for the environment!

A unique process, aimed at your lifestyle

The process always starts with an extensive intake. We draw up a customized plan based on your own wishes and goals. We look at what suits you and what is feasible for you. The process offers a lot of room for personal interpretation. During the process you will be given the right tools to achieve your goal step by step. In concrete terms, this means advice about healthy (plant-based) nutrition and exercise, but also the organization in the kitchen, your daily routines and attention to your mental health. We put together a package with good, vegetable products, including various misos, tempeh, ume pasta and soyu sauce, so that you can get acquainted with alternatives that are available in an accessible way. We will show you how you can easily apply these in order to offer your natural needs a healthy alternative with taste.

Would you rather enjoy a customized massage combined with coaching & advice in one session? Take a look at our tailor-made coaching massage.

Our approach has also been strongly influenced by the haptonomy. Haptonomy literally means the doctrine of feeling, feeling and touching. By means of feeling and experience exercises you can better come into contact with your own feelings, patterns and reactions to, for example, pressure or proximity, which are stored deep in the body. In this way, blockages can be felt. In this way you also get more insight into your emotions and they become more tangible and concrete. By really coming into contact with yourself, the causes of your imbalance can be traced. This is exactly why we combine our lifestyle coaching with massage. A tailor-made massage coaching / reintegration process takes approximately 8 to 12 sessions. The frequency of the sessions will gradually decrease.

Are you curious if our Spa lifestyle coaching is something for you or do you want more information? Make an appointment for a no-obligation intake. Who knows, we may soon work together to give your health a boost.

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