Thai - Shiatsu massage

Our daily activities sometimes demand a lot from our body. If you have a busy office job you may suffer from back pain, pain in shoulder and perhaps pain in your neck.  Bad posture may also be the cause of troublesome pain later in life. At our clinic in Leiden you can have a  Thai - Shiatsu massage to relieve specific physical discomfort.

Stiff muscles can be loosened up by a neck, shoulder and back massage.

Tension accumulates in the shoulder blades and neck. This makes the whole area painful. This pain in itself is, of course, annoying enough, but acidified muscles may also limit your freedom of movement. Muscle tension and cramp in the upper body  may also radiate to the head, resulting in headaches. 

A Thai - Shiatsu massage promotes improved blood circulation so that  the tense muscles in the neck, back and shoulders relax.

Effective relief from neck and shoulder  problems by having Thai - Shiatsu massage, whereby  full attention is paid to these zones results in getting rid of daily tensions. The Thai - Shiatsu massage in our massage practice in Leiden focuses on the back, neck and shoulders. If desired, the scalp, hands and feet may also be massaged. During a 45 to 200 minute treatment, muscle knots are loosened and specific neck and shoulder complaints are quickly relieved. After the massage, the muscles feel a lot smoother and you will notice that moving is easier.

The neck and shoulder massage can be combined with another massage, fine body scrub or body wrap. Interested? View our range of body wraps and scrubs here!

Stevige nek schouder rug massage

Breng je lichaam en emotie weer in balans

Toe aan een stevige bindweefselmassage, last van de nek, schouders en rug? Of je juist op zoek naar ontspanning? Éxtra aandacht voor voeten en hoofd wellicht. Bij Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals krijg je een afgestemde massage in een ideale mix van ontspanning, flow en variërende druk. Maak online een afspraak via WhatsApp, mail en bellen kan natuurlijk ook. Kom langs voor een kennismaking!

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