Coaching massage for relaxation and energy

How about being coached and enjoying a massage at one and the same time? Is that an illogical combination or is it a really powerful one? 

Experience has shown that simultaneous coaching and massage does you a lot of good. Blockages can be removed more quickly, which brings balance back into your life. An intake interview is a must prior to this massage.

A tailor-made coaching massage results in optimal recovery

Our coaching massage in Leiden is a haptonomic, sports and deep tissue massage all rolled in one. Discussion and coordination between the client and the masseur are inherent to this massage. Body and mind are intertwined. Complaints and symptoms are therefore not treated in isolation. Every aspect must be in balance with the rest. For a healthy mind and body, each part must correspond to all the others. The coaching massage (based on haptonomy) goes a step further than simply applying pressure to painful areas. The root or the underlying cause of both physical or psychological problems is investigated. 

Are you looking for deeper relaxation? Then book a relaxing massage for a wonderful me-time moment. For even deeper relaxation or a more spiritual massage try a Lomi lomi or Kashmir massage. Both of these focus on energy, letting go as well as general well-being. 

A specific haptonomic, sports and deep tissue massage all in one for faster recovery 

During the coaching massage a link to daily life is made. Things like your diet and lifestyle have a major impact on your physical and mental well-being. It is therefore also a therapeutic massage based on holism. You come closer to your inner self and discover a deeper contact with your own body. All in all, the coaching massage of Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals not only focuses on painful muscles and pressure points but also initiates new aspects of body and mind.

Coaching massage Leiden for relaxation and energy

Bring your body and emotions back into balance

Ready for a firm connective tissue massage, neck, shoulders and back pain? Or are you just looking for relaxation? Extra attention for feet and head perhaps. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals you get a tailored massage in an ideal mix of relaxation, flow and varying pressure. Make an appointment via WhatsApp, mail and call is also possible, 0648409827. Make an appointment for an introduction!

  • 30 minutes € 37.50 ( New)
  • 45 minutes € 52.50 ( New)
  • 60 minutes € 65.-
  • 90 minutes € 95.-

Vacancy(s): We are always looking for new massage talent, especially this spring. Do you have experience, more importantly are you learning, curious, empathetic, responsible and development-oriented? Interested in using/developing your feeling ability, quality of touch keeps you busy?  Do you enjoy making other people happy? Call, whatsapp us, or write your motivation in the contact form!! For good earning and working in Team Leidenspa.

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