Haptonomic massage

This massage is based on haptonomy, the "doctrine of feeling". A haptonomic massage is all about restoring your connection with your body. It is a gentle massage that uses long strokes, light shakes and pulses. 

Haptonomy explained 

Haptonomy is the doctrine of feeling and touch. The concept is a combination of two Greek words: hapsis and nomos. Hapsis means feeling or touch experience. Nomos means something like law or norm. The emotional touch plays a major role in haptonomy. The body is seen as a 'carrier of feelings' and is, as it were, a hard drive where emotional experiences are stored. Negative emotional experiences can manifest themselves in certain movement patterns and in a closed posture. Haptonomy helps you restore your contact with these feelings. Touch not only helps you to become aware of your own blockages but also to temper them. 

Be conscious of what you feel. A hapto massage will help you achieve that. 

Long, gentle strokes all over the body are characteristic of a hapto massage. This can be done with or without oil. By touching multiple body parts in one long movement, the body's sense of unity is enhanced. In addition to strokes, some pulses, light shaking and oscillation (vibration) are also applied. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals you never get a standard massage, but a haptonomic massage is always unique to you. It determines which body parts, for example your back or legs, require most attention. However, your whole being is always kept in mind.

A hapto massage activates body awareness and has a relaxing effect. 

Haptotherapy can be used for chronic pain, relationship problems, stress and fatigue. This form of massage helps you cope with tension, sadness or pain and as a result, you experience complete relaxation.

Haptonomic pregnancy massage

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, but it can also cause stress due to the big changes that are on the way. With our haptonomic pregnancy massage you and your child will relax. The massage also has many physical benefits. A pregnancy massage can effectively reduce various discomforts such as back pain and fluid retention. In a comfortable supine or side position, the stomach and back are gently massaged. If desired, this can be supplemented with a fine foot, scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Extra "we-time" for expectant mother and fetus! Looking for a different, gentle massage for absolute relaxation? Check out our Lomi lomi massage.

Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals also offers a unique couple massage for (pregnant) women and their partner. During the couple massage, your partner will learn how to massage you during pregnancy to provide relief and relaxation. Check out our couple massage for more information.

Haptonomic massage Leiden

Bring your body and emotions back into balance

Ready for a firm connective tissue massage, neck, shoulders and back pain? Or are you just looking for relaxation? Extra attention for feet and head perhaps. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals you get a tailored massage in an ideal mix of relaxation, flow and varying pressure. Make an appointment via WhatsApp, mail and call is also possible, 0648409827. Make an appointment for an introduction!

  • 30 minutes € 37.50 ( New)
  • 45 minutes € 52.50 ( New)
  • 60 minutes € 65.-
  • 90 minutes € 95.-

Vacancy(s): We are always looking for new massage talent, especially this spring. Do you have experience, more importantly are you learning, curious, empathetic, responsible and development-oriented? Interested in using/developing your feeling ability, quality of touch keeps you busy?  Do you enjoy making other people happy? Call, whatsapp us, or write your motivation in the contact form!! For good earning and working in Team Leidenspa.

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