Take time to relax your muscles by soothing them with a wonderful hot stone massage. Heated cobalt stones are placed on some of the energy points in the body, following which you can enjoy a tailored massage. Our hot stone massage in Leiden is a pure delight for your body!

Massage with the help of hot stones

The therapeutic effects of hot stones have been known for thousands of years. In Asia and India, the heated stones were the forerunners of acupuncture. The Greeks and Romans also used stones to massage each other to reduce the effects of sore muscles and other ailments. In a 'modern' hot stone massage, flat, heated cobalt stones are placed on specific points in your body, for example on your back, feet and hands. The temperature of the stones is around 45 degrees. This may seem a bit on the hot side but you will see that this is an agreeable and acceptable temperature. Basalt stones can also be used for the massage. These are volcanic in origin but they retain and release heat well.

After a hot stone massage your body will feel completely recharged and back in balance.

To allow the stones to glide over the skin easily, you have an oil massage first. Once the stones are in position, the body is slowly massaged using circular strokes. Due to the heat of the stones, a hot stone massage has a deeper effect on the muscle tissue than a normal massage.

The effects of hot stone massage

A hot stone massage has both a relaxing and healing effect. The heat from the stones penetrates the muscles and joints more deeply. This soothes and relaxes them. At the same time circulation is stimulated so that more of the body’s waste matter is excreted.  

At a glance, the most important hot stone massage benefits are:

  • Improved circulation
  • Smoother muscles
  • Reduced tension and stress
  • A more peaceful mindset.

Finally, a hot stone massage is very effective for back pain, headaches and digestive problems. After the massage you will feel completely recharged and your body will be back in balance. The hot stone massage is an ideal way of coping with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Is a hot stone massage recommended for everyone?

In a number of cases, this kind of massage might not be recommended. For example, a hot stone massage is never given to anyone with open wounds, fever, varicose veins or high blood pressure, nor is it suitable on very hot days (above 25 degrees). If the temperature is too high, your body won’t cool down sufficiently. In such cases, a different form of massage is considered.  

How about a nice relaxing massage (without the use of stones) or the Thai-Shiatsu massage?

Hot stone massage Leiden

Bring your body and emotions back into balance

Ready for a firm connective tissue massage, neck, shoulders and back pain? Or are you just looking for relaxation? Extra attention for feet and head perhaps. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals you get a tailored massage in an ideal mix of relaxation, flow and varying pressure. Make an appointment via WhatsApp, mail and call is also possible, 0648409827. Make an appointment for an introduction!

  • 30 minutes € 37.50 ( New)
  • 45 minutes € 52.50 ( New)
  • 60 minutes € 65.-
  • 90 minutes € 95.-

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