Kashmir massage

The Kashmir massage is an intuitive and meditative massage in which soft touches predominate. This deeply relaxing massage form brings you closer to yourself and has an emotional healing effect.

The yoga of touch

The Kashmir massage is also called "the yoga of touch". Yoga is about self-connection and spiritual awareness. Elements that also apply to this massage. The Kashmir massage comes from the Kashmiri Tantra tradition and is used to explore your own boundaries and to let the energy flow freely. It has a more spiritual approach than other known massage forms. At the Kashmirische Massage, enjoyment and complete surrender are central. There is no working towards a specific goal, as is often the case with a connective tissue massage. Both the masseur and the recipient are guided by their breathing movement. Think of it as a journey into your inner self.

The Kashmir massage is an intimate connection with yourself

During the Kashmirian Massage (also known as Tandava massage) the whole body is massaged with soft touches and extra attention is paid to interaction and energy-flow.

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The effects of Kashmir massage

Despite the fact that this massage is not aimed at achieving pain relief, it does bring about deep relaxation, which is naturally experienced as pleasant. It helps to get closer to yourself; be able to recognize and experience feelings and emotions better. More acceptance of the Here and Now. The effects of the Kashmir massage can be felt for days.

Kashmirische Massage with soft touches

Bring your body and emotions back into balance

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  • 45 minutes € 52.50 ( New)
  • 60 minutes € 65.-
  • 90 minutes € 95.-

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