Lomi Lomi massage

Our Lomi Lomi massage combines the best of a gentle relaxing massage with a light deep tissue massage. This kind of massage will help you to feel how well your energy runs through your body. Any painful muscle knots or other blockages in your body will disappear. You will automatically feel better about yourself!

A dance about the body, inspired by nature

The Lomi Lomi massage brings extra energy to your body ensuring better balance. During the massage you can focus on channels of energy flowing through your body removing any existing blockages. The smooth, wavy strokes wash away all the tension and negative emotion, as it were. This treatment consists of an energetic massage which thereby results in complete body relaxation. Our Lomi Lomi massage feels soft, relaxing and meditative. Would you prefer a firmer massage? Then check out our connective tissue massage or go for the Kashmir massage for a more spiritual approach.

The Lomi Lomi massage brings healing to both body and mind.

All in all, the Lomi Lomi massage is a combination of various styles all working together towards good body relaxation. As your energy flows through your body, a deeper level of relaxation is attained. The more dynamic the massage, the more you will feel your energy becoming almost tangible throughout your whole bein

 Lomi lomi massage with holistic approach

Bring your body and emotions back into balance

Ready for a firm connective tissue massage, neck, shoulders and back pain? Or are you just looking for relaxation? Extra attention for feet and head perhaps. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals you get a tailored massage in an ideal mix of relaxation, flow and varying pressure. Make an appointment via WhatsApp, mail and call is also possible, 0648409827. Make an appointment for an introduction!

  • 30 minutes € 37.50 ( New)
  • 45 minutes € 52.50 ( New)
  • 60 minutes € 65.-
  • 90 minutes € 95.-

Vacancy(s): We are always looking for new massage talent, especially this spring. Do you have experience, more importantly are you learning, curious, empathetic, responsible and development-oriented? Interested in using/developing your feeling ability, quality of touch keeps you busy?  Do you enjoy making other people happy? Call, whatsapp us, or write your motivation in the contact form!! For good earning and working in Team Leidenspa.

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