Tailored relaxation massage

There is a special kind of massage specifically for relaxation. It soothes you and loosens up the muscles. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be forgotten for a while. Ready for a moment of deep relaxation? Press the pause button and book a wonderful relaxing massage. We are ready to pamper you.  

A time-out for yourself 

 The relaxing massage is the most popular among the different types of massages. It is a combination of relaxing and deep tissue massage. A tailored massage is an ideal mix of haptonomy, Shiatsu, deep tissue, sport and connective tissue massage. In general, a relaxing massage is a fairly gentle massage and the massage is intended to calm both body and mind. You can therefore book this massage even if you haven’t any  physical complaints and you simply want to clear your head. The wonderfully scented oils that are used during the massage feel pleasant to the skin and ensure that you can relax even more easily.  

Goodbye stress: create the perfect me-time moment with a relaxing massage. 

Do you have a greater need for a firmer massage, possibly with appropriate advice? View our coaching massage or discover the therapeutic effect of hot stones with our hot stone massage.  

The effects of a relaxing massage 

A relaxing massage not only feels very comforting , but it is also good for you. The massage releases tension in your whole body. The strain and stress you experience from stiff and sore muscles can be alleviated in this way. A relaxing massage can contribute to the following:  

  • Reduction of stress 
  • Increase of energy 
  • Better sleep 
  • Better blood circulation 
  • More mobility 
  • Faster muscle recovery 

The relaxation achieved by regular sessions is also a safeguard to your  general health. More information about the cost of a professional massage at our clinic can be found on our rates page.

Pregnancy relaxation massage

Even if you are pregnant (after approximately 12 weeks), you can
have a massage. This is good, because a pregnancy is often
accompanied by physical discomfort such as back pain, fluid retention
and fatigue. A relaxing pregnancy massage can help to reduce this
discomfort. Just like a "normal" relaxation massage, this massage
has quite a few advantages. It reduces the production of stress
hormones for example and offers relief from varicose veins. The
massage also stimulates blood flow, so that more oxygen-rich blood goes
to your organs and to your baby.

How does a pregnancy massage work?

A pregnancy relaxation massage works slightly differently from a
regular massage. You cannot liecomfortably on your stomach,
especially if you are in the second trimester. During a pregnancy
massage, the pressure points that are connected to the uterus are
avoided. It is good to know that in our practice we do not have a
massage table with a recess. The massage is given lying on your side
and/or back. The abdomen is not


Ontspanningsmassage Leiden

Breng je lichaam en emotie weer in balans

Toe aan een stevige bindweefselmassage, last van de nek, schouders en rug? Of je juist op zoek naar ontspanning? Éxtra aandacht voor voeten en hoofd wellicht. Bij Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals krijg je een afgestemde massage in een ideale mix van ontspanning, flow en variërende druk. Maak online een afspraak via WhatsApp, mail en bellen kan natuurlijk ook. Kom langs voor een kennismaking!

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